InsuranceWorks | Life insurance isn’t about death, but legacy
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Life Insurance Brokers Sunshine Coast

Often several decades slip away between the sale of a life insurance policy and the claim being made. And it’s true, life insurance is not at all for the person who has just died: it’s to provide for those who are left behind. So when you insure your life you have to take into consideration not just burial and taxes, but also how your loved ones can maintain their quality of life and standard of living without you. Their future financial security and protection may be based on the life insurance policy that you are taking out now — and thus their prospective comfort and stability too.

And it is foolhardy to put it off

Some life insurance policies provide short-term financial protection, while others accumulate. Most clients take out a term or permanent policy for five to seven times their gross annual income. Level term coverage means the premium remains the same, but you must die within a specified time, however these policies can usually be converted. A permanent policy remains valid for as long as the premiums are paid, and there are several kinds of permanent life insurance policy. Many life insurance policies pay immediately if you are diagnosed as being terminally ill with less than 12 months to live, and life insurance policies usually include an advance payment for funerals.

You need a broker you can trust and rely on

Nevertheless, it is crucial that you choose a supportive, trustworthy, considerate insurance company with a strong track record of financial viability to assist you in working your way through all the dense complications and variations of life insurance. InsuranceWorks strives to make understanding your insurance hassle-free, by talking in real terms, and meeting you right where you are. InsuranceWorks is a Sunshine Coast family business, which has helped thousands of clients with their insurance and protection over the past 25 years.

Give InsuranceWorks a call to arrange a time that suits you

As a father and grandfather, David Woolgrove, who founded InsuranceWorks and now has his son and his niece as colleagues, understands and shares all your concerns and responsibilities. He has been a life insurance broker in Sunshine Coast for over 30 years and says “InsuranceWorks would love to help you through the process and offer an obligation-free audit of your insurance and superannuation.” Why don’t you do just that and take him up on that offer today?

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