InsuranceWorks | Is travel insurance worth buying?
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Travel Insurance Sunshine Coast

Well, how much would you lose if you cancelled the trip for any reason whatsoever? Of course not every trip needs travel insurance but, to work things out from the safe side, look at all the possible potential disasters. Here is why getting quality travel insurance in Sunshine Coast, is a good idea!

Every trip and every traveller is different

Firstly, what if you or someone in the family or a close friend gets sick or has an accident and all plans need to be changed? More far-fetched, but always possible, what happens if someone steals your passport — or you mislay it or pour coffee over it or your dog eats it? Or if it has expired without your noticing! Should you insure against a missed connection due to a storm or a mechanical hitch? What if there is a fire or flood either at home so you don’t want to leave or at your destination so you don’t want to put extra pressure on wherever you are going? What about insuring against lost or stolen luggage? Can you insure against damaged luggage?

How much is your peace of mind worth?

Medical care costs a fortune in the U.S. and Canada — although it is not cheap anywhere — and if anything should go unexpectedly wrong, then your travel insurance will prove a blessing and worth its weight in gold — or even more. Might you be worried about the quality and availability of medical care where you are going? If so, then travel insurance that includes emergency medical evacuation is most certainly worthwhile.

Your insurance broker is just as important as your doctor, dentist or lawyer

This is one of the many instances when you really need a good, sensible, attentive insurance broker whose office is not too far away, who considers you an honoured client and who is prepared to explain to you that the largest part of the cost of a travel insurance premium is the cancellation coverage. If you don’t need that, then a simple travel medical plan is far more affordable. David Woolgrove set up InsuranceWorks on the Sunshine Coast more than 25 years ago, and he and his team are experts in advising their clients and finding them an expert associate who will get them the most comprehensive coverage at the most realistic price.

It’s never too late to buy travel insurance in Sunshine Coast!

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