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InsuranceWorks – Health & Income Insurance Brokers in Weipa QLD.

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Red soil, blue waters and pink sunsets make Weipa a gloriously memorable gateway to the wilderness on the western coast of Cape York Peninsula. There are wonderful beaches, fantastic fishing, and tours of the waterways and diverse wildlife, including birds — and enough saltwater crocodiles to make it wise to maintain constant vigilance near water. And there are fishing charters out into the Gulf of Carpentaria too. In fact, keen fishermen really enjoy Weipa’s great location and rich marine life.

Historically Weipa was the traditional home of the Alngith Aboriginal people, but it became a Presbyterian mission in 1898

However Weipa is actually a bauxite mining town. In 1955, a New Zealand geologist called Harry Evans discovered bauxite while he was exploring for oil. Surveys established that it was the largest bauxite deposit in the world, and a couple of years later Comalco built a mining town to house its employees and their families, government workers and support people for its bauxite and kaolin operations. The Township of Weipa was officially opened in 1967.

Bauxite is an amorphous clayey rock that is the chief commercial ore of aluminium. It consists largely of hydrated alumina with variable proportions of iron oxides

The bauxite is mined, washed, graded and loaded for shipment to the aluminium processing plant at Gladstone or overseas. Known deposits are forecast to last two more centuries at the present rate of extraction.

The Shell Mounds, which are about 800 years old and up to nine metres high, are south of Weipa, on the banks of the Embley, Hey, Pine and Mission Rivers.

The Mounds contain almost 200,000 tonnes of whole and fragmented Anadara granosa cockle shells. Archaeologists think they must be some of the largest existing prehistoric middens, although bone and stone artifacts have been found, and some researchers maintain that the mounds were built by scrub fowl Megapodius reinwardt. There remains confusion about what constitutes a cultural midden and what is simply a natural shell accumulation.

Far North Queensland is pretty interesting

But if you live there you need an insurance broker. Get in touch with InsuranceWorks. David Woolgrove set the company up almost 30 years ago to help sort out people’s insurance needs and give practical, sensible guidance. InsuranceWorks is a family company that gives expert advice and makes claims easy and pain free. And offers an obligation free audit of your insurance and superannuation too.


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