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Insurance Brokers Townsville


health insurance brokers towsnville - income protection towsnville qld - life and disability insurance companyInsuranceWorks – Health & Income Insurance Brokers in Townsville QLD.

Apart from being adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef, Townsville is a major industrial centre and has the largest zinc refinery in the world as well as copper and nickel refineries. Its port is increasingly busy — a gateway to trade and investment due to its proximity to Asia and, particularly, to China, and it welcomes cruise ships too. Preliminary works for its Channel Capacity Upgrade began at the end of 2018.

Having been declared a municipality in 1866 Townsville has gone on growing ever since — and now it is expanding to the south.

There are important Army and Air Force bases in Townsville, and also James Cook University and TAFE Queensland North. The weather is fine in winter, and the summers are rainy. Temperatures are highest in January at around 28°C, and July is the coldest month of the year with an average of 19°. There is just over 100 cm. of rain a year.

Entertainment and natural wonders

The main venue for Townsville’s entertainment and performing arts scene is the Civic Theatre. There are a Maritime Museum, a Public Art Gallery and an August Culture Fest as well as an annual international chamber music festival in July. In short, Townville is a true provincial capital city. Glorious beauty spots are within reach too, such as the Wallaman Falls, which is Queensland’s Niagara; Paluma, a rainforest village where there are platypus in the creeks; Magnetic Island, Australia’s answer to the Galapagos, and you can go bird watching in the Tyto Wetlands.

Live life to the fullest, but one day at a time

You can lead a full, healthy life in Northern Queensland and there are plenty of challenging, worthwhile jobs to be had. It is important to find a reliable insurance broker though before you start making key decisions. Why not call us at InsuranceWorks and make an appointment? Whether you are looking for life insurance or income protection insurance, superannuation income protection insurance or trauma insurance, we can create an affordable, realistic, customized package for you that takes your priorities and way of life into account and will banish your day-to-day worries. That is exactly why David Woolgrove set up InsuranceWorks on the Sunshine Coast more than 25 years ago: to show how insurance can provide financial security and protection so that you have something to fall back on in good times and bad.


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