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Insurance Brokers Cooroy


insurance brokers cooroy - superannuation - health insurance cooroy qld - trauma and disability, income protectionInsuranceWorks – Health & Income Insurance Brokers in Cooroy QLD.

When is a butter factory not a butter factory? When it becomes an arts centre! The butter factory in question is in Cooroy, where the bookshop serves tea and coffee, the cake shop delivers, and the woodworkers carve everything from boxes to musical instruments. And there are three terrific Cooroy Farmers & Artisans Markets a month, where there is a focus on local products and you can find the freshest fruit and vegetables as well as fun and funky gifts.

Frank Lloyd Wright said “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you”

The Fearnley Bird Hide is in Jabiru Park, no more than five minutes drive east of Cooroy. You will spot phalanxes of storks and geese and grebes overhead there, and lovely Lake Macdonald is even richer in wildlife. You can plan a visit to Noosa Botanic Gardens and their magnificent amphitheatre, where there is an open air bush chapel too, and a fern house and a lily pond. Or you could go fishing — for bass, Saratoga, perch and Mary River cod — although you do throw back the fish.

“Australia has possums and America has possums,
but Australia’s possums are just cuter”

The name Cooroy comes from Mount Cooroora, and means possum — shades of Barry Humphries and Edna Everage. And Cooroy really is special: it is friendly and hospitable and bustling. What’s more, there is always something happening in Cooroy, which is what makes it such an attractive idea to buy, build or rent a home there. But if you do that, then you’ll need a trustworthy, efficient, reliable insurance broker on the spot.

“Integrity is what we do, what we say and what we say we do”

At InsuranceWorks, we believe you should feel good about planning for the people you love, and we have helped thousands of clients with their insurance and protection for over 25 years. Have you ever looked at your insurance policy and wondered what exactly it covers? Well, our experts can explain all that to you and make your life much easier, whether you are asking about life insurance, income protection insurance or disability insurance.

Insure yourself, and ensure your retirement options are left wide open

InsuranceWorks offers superannuation consolidation, risk profiling, pension planning and strategic goal mapping. You need a bespoke solution — we all do, because we all have slightly different requirements and priorities. Contact InsuranceWorks today, and let’s see what we can do for you.


Superannuation – Income Protection – Health & Disability Insurance Brokers Cooroy QLD