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Insurance Brokers Maroochydore

Life Insurance Broker Maroochydore - Income Protection Maroochydore - Disability InsuranceInsuranceWorks – Health & Income Insurance Brokers in Maroochydore QLD.

The heart of the Sunshine Coast and its geographic centre between the ocean and the river, Maroochydore means ‘place of red bills’ — and the red bills are beautiful black swans. Maroochydore has both surf and fluvial waters, and there is a combination of commerce and tourism, a blend of beaches, parkland and shops — it is a refreshing, practical seaside town, the cultural capital of the Sunshine Coast, enjoyed by visitors and residents alike. And, of course, often the visitors become residents. In fact, 80 per cent of the people living in Maroochydore are permanent residents — and most of them work in the tourism sector.

Coastal fun without fuss

Maroochydore is surrounded by golf courses, and there are a tennis club in Cotton Tree and one of the longest established, friendliest bowls clubs on the Sunshine Coast nearby too. Sunshine Plaza is the largest shopping centre on the Sunshine Coast, quite different to the shops along the strip and the markets. The music is live, the bars are inviting, the cafés are welcoming and the restaurants are first class.

Back to earth with a bump

But the real world cannot be completely banished, even from paradise, and life goes on with its ups and down, joys and sorrows. At some point the everyday can no longer be ignored and has to be dealt with. And one of the things that usually needs to be sorted out is insurance.

“Fun is like life insurance: the older you get, the more it costs”

That is when you might seriously consider calling InsuranceWorks and setting up an appointment. When David Woolgrove decided to establish an insurance brokerage house on the Sunshine Coast more than 25 years ago and make it into a family business serving other families like his own, he principally wanted to explain how important a cushion insurance can be in hard times.

It’s never been easier to plan ahead and protect your family

It may be decades, literally, between the purchase of a life insurance policy and the claim being made, but that is what the future quality of the lives of the family you leave behind may depend upon. About 70 per cent of today’s 65-year-olds will eventually need some kind of long-term care. That can exhaust your savings very quickly, and regular health insurance does not cover long-term care.

Don’t put off difficult decisions

Contact InsuranceWorks today, and don’t forget, InsuranceWorks offers an obligation-free audit of your insurance and superannuation.


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