InsuranceWorks | What insurance television advertising shows the big insurers think about you
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Insurance Broker QLD

There are a lot of insurance companies that advertise on television in Australia. Many of the advertisements are for life insurance and funeral insurance and shown during the day. They seem to be aimed at elderly people, and to focus on just what they are likely to be worrying about. Some ads are uplifting, some are soulful, some are quite amusing, and some are quite aggressive. Some of the ads are even political. They all seem very blatant though.

Good advice from someone you can depend on

What you really need is an honest, reliable, efficient insurance broker, who treats you as an honoured client and human being. Someone whose office is not too far away, and with whom you can discuss your priorities and essential requirements, whether those are income protection insurance or life insurance. You or a member of your family may need trauma insurance or disability insurance. And then there is superannuation life insurance.

We all need insurance — just in case

That’s where InsuranceWorks comes into the equation. When David Woolgrove set up the company more than 25 years ago, his aim was to provide financial freedom to people going through what’s often the most challenging time of their life. After all, he’s a loving husband, father, grandfather and uncle, so his worries are the same as his clients’ worries. Now his son Ben, daughter Rachael and niece Kristy have joined him in what they all find a truly rewarding career. They don’t try to scare people into insurance, the way the television ads do. They show how insurance can provide security and a cushion, be something to fall back on in times of woe.

Accidents happen, disasters happen — take precautions

Ben is also an Auxiliary Firefighter in Queensland Fire & Rescue, and what he sees on the truck each and every day serves as a constant reminder of the importance of family protection. That really makes him very aware of the value of what he does in the office.

InsuranceWorks meets you right where you are

At InsuranceWorks David and Ben all believe you should feel good about planning for the people you love. They strive to make understanding your insurance hassle-free, by talking in real terms not in theory, and never scaremongering. Why not call InsuranceWorks today, at least for an obligation-free audit of your insurance and superannuation.

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